Documents and Records Management

e-Tech DRM services cover the complete document and record processing cycle, and aim to unload our clients from any overhead of automation, or paper-less initiatives; i.e. in addition to delivering and implementing the information management platforms (Example: DMS, Workflow …etc.) e-Tech performed document scanning, indexing & data entry, physical document packaging and other services to enable digitizing and archiving of the clients’ backlog and daily documents.

The major objectives of e-Tech DRM services are:
  • Document Protection
  • Enable Electronica access to documents & data.
  • Provide valuable information to IT business systems 
  • Accuracy, consistency, and completeness of data.
  • Enable smarter and more-intelligent technologies.
  • Implementation of e-services and paper-less processes.

e-Tech clients gain the following huge benefits from our DRM services:
  • Save money and space by moving from physical paper storage to digital storage.
  • Reduce case-handling time
  • Serve their clients by better and faster services.
  • Faster documents and information retrieval.
  • Reserving original legacy documents and information.
  • Easier documents routing and sharing (inside or outside the organization).
  • Enable concurrent access to the same document.
  • Fulfill regulatory and compliance needs.

Success Factors

When selecting e-tech systems as the organization’s DRM partner, organizations are sure are successful in providing provide their needed services and we are able to deliver the correct outputs in compliance with standards and specifications. Our success factors in providing DRM services include:


Offered DRM services

The DRM services offered by e-Tech Systems cover the whole lifecycle of documents and records; because the value of a document depends the value of the information it hold, or the impact it may have on somebodies current or future life. 
In e-Tech systems we build the service that best-suit the client needs and fulfill their objectives, hence we don’t have an off-the-shelf service model for the client to accept, in contrary, we have fully customizable offering, where the client can select the services needed to complete their daily processes. 
To ensure our service flexibility, e-Tech Systems offer DRM services that are:

  • Efficient and effective, regardless they are on customer site or at our premises. 
  • Secure, 
  • High Quality,
  • Technology neutral, we are able to provide service that conform to any internationally-respected format, or to any IT system that is open or have known structure and integration capabilities.
  • Rich of data & information. we utilize multitude of indexing techniques, and data extraction technologies (include barcodes 1D/2D, MICR-code, OCR, forms recognition and – even – manual indexing).
  • Complete starting from field data collection, paper document digitization, data entry, system implementation, hosting, and integration, and up to management of physical archives.

The offered DRM services cover the following main streams:

Digitizing & Scanning

Digitizing & Scanning

In this stream, e-Tech Systems make digital copies of the paper files and documents regardless they are historical back-logs, or current daily. The primary goal of these services is to provide the client with electronic access to content in legacy media; hence we offer digitization services for traditional audio-visual content, 9in addition to format conversion for content stored on legacy electronic media.
Generically, the output of these services are electronic files (the document/content) and set of indexing values (in a format suitable to client’s database or ECM/DMS system).

Digitizing & Scanning
Data Entry & Extraction

Data Entry & Extraction

This stream of services aims to extract the most valuable information contained within the documents and prepare this data into an electronic format that could be used for client’s daily or use. 
The main challenges in providing this service is to locate the needed information, extract it, then prepare in the right format for the client use. e-Tech systems have biggest advantage because we have the right knowledge and experience to perform the job by dedicated human resources (when needed) and by software tools (Like OCR, OMR, MICR…etc.) whenever possible.

Data Entry & Extraction
Physical Archiving

Physical Archiving

e-Tech take care of the physical backlogs and migrate to new physical archiving systems (infrastructure, cabinet, indexing scheme, and file tracking methodology) that corresponds to the digital index and/or enable easier and controlled retrieval of the original physicals (example: paper document). 
We – also – offer complete document storage services to off-load our client from the overhead of managing the physical archive, then we become responsible for performing perform the storage management (and can provide space and facility) to ensure most efficient and secure archiving service.

Physical Archiving
Inspection, Cleansing, and Validation

Inspection, Cleansing, and Validation

This is one of the unique offerings from e-Tech Systems, where we offer a Document or Record Inspection service with multiple scopes and deferent objectives; sometimes we perform file inspection for validating the contained documents, and ensure proper linkage with the electronic records, other times this service focus on validating the electronic data, or creating links between legacy and modern IT systems. We can also provide this service to identify mandatory file content that must be collected (if not found within the file), to ensure compliancy to regulations especially for banks, utility, and other service providers.

Inspection, Cleansing, and Validation
Hosting and System Implementation

Hosting and System Implementation

With the wide spread of SaaS concept, and the trend among many enterprises to utilize cloud computing, e-Tech systems provide all what is needed to implement a hosted DMS environment, with high degree of flexibility, and un-matched performance and availability SLA’s. 
During the last two decades, e-tech Systems provided and implemented tens of DMS and ECM projects all over the MENA region; the implemented projects included Oracle ECM, Omni-Docs DMS, Microsoft SharePoint, in addition to many workflow implementations of Ultimus and Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation.

Hosting and System Implementation
Data collection services

Data collection services

Another unique DRM service offered by e-Tech Systems is the Data collection service that aim to improve our-client’s processes by performing in-door/out-door data collection service. 
This service is not limited horizontally – to any business sector –  or vertically – to any complexity – as we implement effective and cost-efficient service delivery methodology. The collected data could be related to addressing & GIS datasets, client satisfaction, on-field asset management and tagging, in addition to any other socially or commercially needed information. 
Whenever possible, e-Tech tend to utilize modern technologies and smart devices for performing data collection services; as we have long experience in Business Process Automation - BPA projects. And we offer these services to Governmental entities, Banks, Utility companies, and any other educational and consultation enterprises.

Data collection services