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Zajel Correspondence System


Managing and responding to correspondences is one of the most important tasks for both public and private sector organizations. Accurate, consistent, and timely responses are the pillars of the daily operation of these organizations. To succeed, organizations need tools to ensure efficiency and quality in managing correspondences. They also require collaboration, adaptive workflow, mobility support and executives dashboards in order to fully manage the correspondences life-cycle.


Enjoy the power of Zajel Correspondence Management System

If your organization is a small, medium or an enterprise business, the power of Zajel will convert your environment into a paperless environment, besides increasing your employees’ efficiency and productivity into new levels that never has been before. Compiled with reduced complexity, and enhanced security, your organization will achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Zajel provides the required tools to easily manage the correspondences life cycle. This includes the process of capturing, delegating, response writing, escalation and dispatch correspondences. Executives will enjoy using the system using executives’ tools, dashboards and a wide range of reports directly from their smart phones or tablets.

Administrators as well will be able to fully control and customize the system and all its modules, screens, and functions.


Zajel benefits

  • Automate incoming and outgoing correspondences operations
  • Fast correspondences retrieval and search
  • Fast correspondences tracking - eliminate paper-based correspondence tracking
  • Faster reply to correspondences
  • Preserves historical and valuable information
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Solves issues of loss and/or misfiling of mail documents
  • Guarantees mail is handled according to legislative and regulatory mandates
  • Encourage seamless collaboration across departments
  • Streamline publication of internal memos
  • Improved access and analysis of information that aids in decision making
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Higher cost savings