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Customer Complaints Management System


An effective customer complaints management system is considered a mandatory business practice for any business. Customers expectations from any business is getting more challenging and more sophisticated, and without meeting or exceeding these expectations, businesses will result in lower customer satisfaction. E-Tech has developed a robust customer complaints management system to manage and resolve customer complaints, resulting in a high customer satisfaction rate. E-Tech complaints management system lets businesses gather all the customer complaints into one common system. Employees can then categorize, assign and resolve all these complaints with ease.







  • Receive complaints from different channels including website, smart devices, email, fax, and paper
  • Streamline complaint management operations
  • Categorize and prioritize complaints based on the reporting customer and urgency needs. Then complaints are forwarded to concerned employees to solve them.
  • Personalized service for each customer by immediately viewing all his previous complaints.
  • Create automatic rules for any received complaint.
  • Provides intuitive dashboard for both employees and managers.