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Investment Transparency Management System

Listed companies in the stock market can invest part of their shares in the stock market itself. Companies can buy the same company shares or buy shares for other listed companies. As part of the regulations, companies should report periodically to securities commission their investment policy that includes their intend to invest in the market, and the purpose of the investment (long term or short term).

After each investment transaction, companies should report to the securities commission the transaction details. There are huge burden on the commission staff to ensure the compliance between the investment policies and the actual investment transactions done by companies. The investment transparency system helps the commission staff to easily verify companies investments (and subsidiaries investments) in the capital market and that all investment transactions are performed according to the disclosed investment policy.






  • Provides watch list for certain companies based on specific sector, capital or any other criteria.
  • Verify that companies’ investments are according to regulations.
  • Verify transactions executed on both short-term and long-term investments.
  • Ensure that all companies’ portfolios are disclosed and continuously updated.
  • Detect any violation and issue violation letters.
  • Automatically detect any violation based on pre-defined rules.
  • Supports different violation types.
  • Automate the daily activities of the commission employees in order to ensure that all companies’ investments meet the regulations.
  • Flexible workflow that can be customized according to the client needs.