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Document capture is any one of several processes used to convert a physical document to another format, typically a digital representation.

At its simplest, document capture involves scanning a physical document, index the documents, review, and saving it as a digital image by release to the document management system.

The ability to capture documents and make their information available has become increasingly important for a number of reasons, in particular regulatory compliance requirements, information security, and the competitive business environment.

Organizations use document capture to reduce cost, improve productivity, eliminate data errors and lost documents, and maintain compliance. Once a document is converted to an image, it becomes part of a business critical process:

·         Scan

1.    single document  scanning

2.    batch scanning:

Batch scanning automates scanning of huge volume of documents. This software is designed to scan thousands of paper documents as a single batch. Batch scanning software can scan numerous documents in less time with very little manual intervention. It helps in easier copying and storage of huge number of documents in the database.

·         Index

Indexing is performed once the scanning process is complete. E-Capture will place the documents in the Awaiting Index queue where the batch will wait to be indexed and, optionally, committed

The document indexing enables input from

1.    Text Boxes

2.    Date Pickers

3.    Drop down lists (populated with fixed values or from database connections using ODBC)

·         Review (Optional Step)

·         Release to Document management system , Omni Docs/ Enterprise Content Management