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Zajel-Correspondence Management System

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ZAJEL is a bilingual (Arabic/English) Correspondence Management System (CMS) that offers complete lifecycle management for both physical and electronic records, in addition to knowledge management components that empower workers and other constituents to more effectively and quickly find the information they need. ZAJEL is designed taking into consideration the legislative and regulatory mandates present in big organizations and government agencies of the Arab world.

ZAJEL is a state of the art product specialized in the area of correspondence management that will allow organizations to receive, automate, track and monitor the movement of mail documents in a secure, efficient, reliable and time saving manner within the organization.

ZAJEL focuses on how various levels in an organization can access and handle incoming/outgoing mail, and simultaneously comment on correspondences for fast action and response. ZAJEL will cut down mail processing time to the minimum and eliminate the impact of routine difficulties inherent in manual and traditional systems of handling mail.


ZAJEL Benefits

  • Automate In / Out mail & correspondences in organizations
  • Fast correspondences retrieval and search
  • Fast correspondences tracking - eliminate paper-based correspondence tracking
  • Faster reply to correspondences
  • Preserves historical and valuable information – documents archived in a structured manner allowing a chronological archive
  • Fast and efficient service – enhances customer satisfaction
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Solves issues of loss and/or misfiling of mail documents
  • Guarantees mail is handled according to legislative and regulatory mandates
  • Encourage seamless collaboration across departments
  • Streamline publication of internal memos
  • Improved access and analysis of information that aids in decision making
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Higher cost savings