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The economic climate is forcing government organizations to contend with critical and competing demands. Agencies must expand social services, stimulate and accelerate economic recovery, provide better customer service and comply with privacy and environmental regulations - all while cutting costs and handling an ever growing workload.


E-TECH  enables government organizations to handle these conflicting needs by securely automating the capture, processing and archiving of documents, helping agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs and paper, improve ser

Increase Efficiency

Automate the input of information to multiple processes and enable cross departmental collaboration on one platform.

Improve Service to Constituents

Make high quality data available and accelerate communication and service delivery to constituents and businesses.

Reduce Processing Costs

Automate the capture and processing of documents, eliminating manual data entry and search, paper storage and shipping.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Trace and audit the acquisition of data from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.