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As the financial industry regains its footing after some turbulent times, banks are adapting to a changed marketplace – one that rewards cost control and risk management, but also offers fresh opportunities for growth. Banking leaders also are learning to appeal to a new breed of customers. They are tech-savvy consumers who expect and demand better service and more convenience, including easy access to Web and mobile communication channels.

That’s why more banks are modernizing their critical business processes with enterprise capture solutions. Now you have the power to deliver breakthrough levels of service and efficiency, from hassle-free account openings to fast and compliant loan processing – all while significantly lowering your operating costs.



  • Driving Transformation through Process Automation

Banks today need systems beyond core banking. For improving productivity, centralization of back offices is an imperative, where noncustomer facing activities can be moved from branch to central back office. This ensures that most of the staff at branches is customer–facing and performs value added services. Using BPM & ECM, banks can build centralized back offices and improve overall customer experience.

In order to tap the benefits of centralization, process automation is a must. Digitization will help transform manual and paper-based processes across branches / head Offices into electronic processes. This will eliminate all error- prone and redundant activities like manual hand–offs, needless paper movement, repetition of checks, reviews and more system inputs than necessary. The key processes which banks look forward to automating will include Account Opening, Loan Centralization and Trade Finance.

Enhanced customer experience can be achieved by ensuring communications via customer preferred channels and by enabling them to get access to the bank via multiple channels like mail, fax, sms, phone, web portal, etc. Customer on-boarding experience can be improved by leveraging alternative channels of communication.


  • Banking Solutions Universe

Newgen's highly configurable, flexible and scalable products along with its domain experience in banking have led to readymade point solutions being offered to banks. These solutions are working in numerous large scale Global Banks and are available to clients as soft template processes and off the shelf products.

Newgen for functions like Corporate and Commercial Banking, Payment and Settlement, Lending &Mortgage and Retail processes. At the base of these processes are the solution enablers provided by Newgen like Business Process Management, Content Management and Rules Management etc. which are integrated with the existing systems in a bank like Core Banking System, CRM, and ERP etc.



  • Enabling Next-Generation Customer Communications

In the new era of financial services, customers are migrating to banks that communicate the way they do – in real time, over any device, and through every channel. This has spurred banks to get better at corresponding with customers, whether it’s responding to information requests, handling complaints, or updating customers on everything from loan applications to new products and services.

Kofax helps banks build world-class customer communications platforms that drive customer satisfaction and sales. Leveraging the power of enterprise capture technology, leading banks respond more rapidly and accurately to inquiries, validate and track correspondence for maximum security and compliance, and drive revenue with smart, proactive customer communications through every channel and device


Deliver the Next Level of Customer Service

  1. Speed customer communications by capturing documents and data at the point of entry, immediately triggering customer-focused business processes
  2. Build new revenue streams through enhanced sales and marketing programs based on capture-driven intelligence and workflows
  3. Drive satisfaction and loyalty by proactively communicating to customers over Web, social, and mobile channels

Boost Efficiency, Reduce Costs

  1. Eliminate labor-intensive document processing tasks with digital, touch-less techniques and workflows
  2. Ensure production of crisp, legible documents, speeding business reviews and audits
  3. Drive workforce collaboration through a unified platform for sharing data and documents across the enterprise

Lower Risk, Improve Compliance

  1. Ensure information accuracy with best-in-class data extraction, classification, and transformation technologies
  2. Enforce cradle-to-grave document tracking practices that comply with government and industry regulations
  3. Reduce risk of data loss with rigorous central management of sensitive customer information




  • A Better Way to Onboard Customers

Opening a new bank account used to be a slow and painful process. There were a lot of lengthy enrollment forms to fill out, along with a pile of personal documents to be verified and filed away – from driver licenses to proofs of residency. The whole process was inefficient, costly, and error-prone. Not the best way to start off a relationship.

Now there’s a better way. With Kofax enterprise capture technology, banks are onboarding customers faster, achieving near-perfect file accuracy, and building trust with automated follow-up communications. Plus, bank managers now spend more time building business with customers and less time shuffling through files. With the Kofax Customer Onboarding, banks can:

Jump Start Customer Relationships

  1. Impress new customers with a fast, hassle-free onboarding experience
  2. Build customer trust and loyalty with timely follow-up communications via multiple channels and devices
  3. Expand revenue streams by leveraging enrollment information to create high-impact sales and marketing programs

Mitigate Risk and Promote Compliance

  1. Ensure information accuracy with touch-less data extraction, classification, and transformation technologies
  2. Enforce end-to-end document tracking practices that meet the full range of industry regulations
  3. Reduce risk and data loss with rigorous central management of sensitive customer informatio




  • Transform Mortgage Processing


As the financial industry searches for ways to strengthen its balance sheet, more banks are taking a closer look at optimizing one of their most profitable lines of business: mortgage lending. Innovative institutions are finding growing success with smart strategies designed to protect margins and restore confidence in this vital market.

Specifically, leaders are implementing enterprise capture technologies that automate and accelerate mortgage applications and generate significant ROI. The key is integrating image capture with streamlined business processes, enabling touchless, straight-though processing of paper and electronic mortgage documents.

The Kofax Solution for Mortgage Processing helps banks, financial institutions and credit unions:

Accelerate Revenue Cycles

  1. Close loans faster with touchless document verification and approval workflows
  2. Gain real-time access to all mortgage-file documents across the enterprise
  3. Build customer trust and loyalty with efficient, transparent mortgage experiences and proactive communications

Increase efficiency and optimize the workforce

  1. Deploy a unified document-management platform that facilitates collaboration across branches and worksites
  2. Remove mortgage processing bottlenecks by supporting high-efficiency exceptions management routines
  3. Rapidly capture all paper and electronic documents and trigger fast data verification, file review, and approval


Consistently meet compliance goals

  1. Provide clear audit trails from the point of origination, across each touch point, to the final archive
  2. Contribute to comprehensive regulatory compliance


  • Safety, Speed, Simplicity: A New Way to Manage Credit Card Applications

In the past, credit card issuers didn’t need incentives to acquire customers: people wanted and needed credit, and issuers succeeded accordingly. Issuers also didn’t worry as much about competition: Borrowers didn’t want just one card, they wanted a Visa, a Mastercard, and an AMEX —as well as an assortment of their favorite retailers, gas stations, and frequent flier cards.

But with today’s climate of strong competition from other issuers and rapidly changing technologies, every step in the lending process has a direct bearing on profits. In addition, risk management and compliance must be attended to more rigorously and customers must be won on loyalty and service. As a result, successful issuers must be innovative with all aspects of the business, from products to customer selection to management methods.

To help issuers meet these challenges, Kofax has introduced a Card Services offering designed to bring new levels of speed, accuracy, integration, and risk control to the credit application process.

Accelerate Applications

  1. Vet applicants faster by automatically capturing, classifying, and extracting information from your existing platform
  2. Gain complete, instantaneous access to all credit-related documents across the enterprise, including new accounts, loans, mortgages, and funds

Eliminate time lost duplicating documents and switching between platforms

  1. Fast, Adaptable Data Extraction and Verification
  2. Self-learning technology immediately adapts to new forms – for example, those coming from new customers or institutions
  3. Extracts and classifies application and ID data anywhere, from any application, and sends the protocol-ready data to the organization issuing the credit card
  4. Rapidly captures all paper and electronic documents and triggers fast data verification


Lessen Risk and Aid Compliance

  1. Provides an auditable process that can be easily monitored to maintain security, compliance, and quality standards
  2. Follows the entire audit trail step by step, from the point of origination to the final archive for internal and external reporting
  3. Conforms to the latest government and industry regulations, including the Credit CARD Act and Dodd-Frank
  4. Reduces exposure to risk related to compliance, including fines, penalties, and voided contracts