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Enterprise Networking and Wireless


Routers and switches and Wireless Access points are a fundamental part of enterprise networking and are the building blocks for connecting all business communications from data and voice to video and wireless. They can improve a company?s bottom line by enabling businesses to increase productivity, reduce overhead, and improve operational efficiency. E-Tech Systems will assist you in making sure your customers routing and switching networks (LAN and WLAN) remain optimised to support their business objectives. We share our technical knowledge and leading operational practices, complementing your internal teams and the customers you work with. We combine a wide portfolio of routing & switching and Wireless services incorporating network assessment, network support, and network learning which is focused on optimising your core routing and switching network to meet future requirements, helping your team succeed with new technologies.


Enterprise security

Enterprise security refers to any activities designed to protect a business? communications network. Specifically, these activities protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of the network and the data held on it. Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading across local or wide area networks. Most networks have evolved over a period of time housing a mixture of technologies and vendors across both legacy and current networking devices and software. For this reason alone, organisations need to formulate an inventory of their network in order to understand the complexities surrounding the security of their business systems.


E-Tech Systems has a dedicated team of security specialists who assist channel partners across a broad spectrum of network security areas. These may include firewalls, VPN access, router & switch security and endpoint security all of which require the same high level of technical expertise and industry knowledge.


Unified Communications & Mobility

Business communications cover a multitude of technologies, such as Email, Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Telephony and VOIP, Voice Messaging, SMS and Fax. Mobile computing adds a host of devices and platforms onto which these services are consumed and add into this mix a necessity for document management, (versioning, collaboration, intellectual property, compliance and security) and a picture begins to form of the overall scale of the management task.


These technologies are no longer contained within single sites but stretch to branch offices, home-offices, hotel rooms, exhibition halls, in fact anywhere that a mobile internet connection can be made.


Effective businesses operate on efficient communication flows. Communication services are typically implemented over time, having organically developed with business requirements. The management of these provisions can become complex, fragmented and expensive as services are added or modified.


E-Tech Systems Cisco Unified Collaboration solutions, create an end-to-end, joined-up service provision integrating messaging and telephony services, Contact Center and more