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Business Intellegence and Analytics


Today's enterprises are pushing for predictive and actionable insight, not just reporting on historical data. They are looking to gain competitive edge by taking advantage of growing volume and variety of information in-house to support faster decision-making. The need to know exactly what is driving performance and revenue has become a key differentiator to improve performance, seize market opportunities, and avert risks.


Our business intelligence and analytics practice is focused on helping clients transform raw data to actionable intelligence for effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision making. We offer end-to-end business intelligence and analytics services to provide you tools to view historical trends and patterns as well as insight to make better projections and plan accordingly. Our BI analysts are knowledgeable and experienced in specific industry segments and business functions. We leverage our proven methodologies, processes, architectures and expert technology capabilities to produce timely, accurate, and highly-relevant BI services and solutions.


We specialize in providing high impact business analytics services that drive enterprise decision through actionable insights. We have in our team experts in advanced analytics, business intelligence, and real-time data management and information strategy. We have developed leading edge algorithms, advanced statistical and mathematical assets to develop predictive analytics and business optimization solutions for our clients.


Data and Information are key enterprise assets. Whether it’s to track, analyze, customer behavior or to identify and extract the valuable Information, our Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions assist organizations to transform their set of Data into actionable insights that gives them a competitive advantage.


Why Oracle?

Oracle Business Analytics solutions help organizations of all sizes thrive by enabling them to discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities. As the market leader in Business Analytics software, Oracle deliver the most complete and integrated solutions that let customers gain insight into every aspect of their business, plan ahead, and act with confidence-anytime, anywhere, on any device.