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Content Management


Content management, or CM, is the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. When stored and accessed via computers, this information has come to be referred to, simply, as content or, to be precise, digital content. Digital content may take the form of text (such as electronic documents), multimedia files (such as audio or video files), or any other file type that follows a content lifecycle requiring management.


Oracle WebCenter is the user engagement platform for social business. It helps people work together more efficiently through contextual collaboration tools that optimize connections between people, information, and applications and ensures users have access to the right information in the context of the business process in which they are engaged. Oracle WebCenter can help your organization deliver contextual and targeted Web experiences to users and enable employees to access information and applications through intuitive portals, composite applications, and mash-ups.


Oracle WebCenter consists of  the following major components :

Web Experience Management

Increase sales and loyalty with online engagement optimization by creating, managing, and moderating contextually relevant, targeted and interactive online experiences. Optimize customer engagement across Web, mobile, and social channels and manage your large-scale, multi-channel global online presence with integration to enterprise applications.

Portals and Composite Applications

Provide users with intuitive portals and Websites with integrated application content. Easily assemble new composite applications using a prebuilt library of reusable components, and access relevant content faster with personalized solutions and integrated social tools.

Social Network and Collaboration

Drive enterprise collaboration through natural Conversations using fully integrated social tools including blogs, wikis, ratings, tagging, reviews, polls, and forums. Leverage social enterprise building blocks to enable end users to build effective and collaborative communities.

Enterprise Content Management

Remove content silos and update most current documents, images, and rich media files. Manage end-to-end content lifecycle from creation to archiving and automate business processes with pre-built enterprise application integrations.